What is Ethical Hacking?

Hacking has some a bad stigma attached to it. The minute you mention the word hacker, people think of people sitting at home on their computers attacking company’s security systems and stealing information.

This name has been widely used since technology has taken off with such a boom, if you think about it almost every single home has a computer and internet connection. This means that we are increasing the way the world is run, we buy everything online from appliances to groceries and every time we do this, we trust a company with our precious credit card information.

These companies rely on their internet security systems and firewalls to protect them against hackers getting in and stealing all your information. This is where ethical hacking comes into play.

Ethical hackers are computer experts, they have normally completed a computer programming certification and these experts are hired by companies to attack their systems. Instead of stealing the information as the hackers would do, these ethical hackers will report any security issues to the company, so they can be rectified quickly.

Ethical hacking is also known as penetration testing, red teaming and intrusion testing. The name red teaming came when hackers were first used by the US Government to hack the computers; these ethical hackers were called red teams.

Since then the need for ethical hackers has increased, as more and more people rely on the internet to make purchases and pay bills, leaving companies holding onto a lot of delicate information.

Ethical hackers use the same methods hackers would use to attack security systems, the difference is that the ethical hackers, or white hats and trusted by the company and hired for the job, while hackers or black hats are there to cause harm.

Getting an Ethical Hacker Degree

While there are a majority of ethical hackers who only have computer programming degrees there is a certification that you can get which is offered by many US training centers? The course normally contains nineteen modules and can be done in the class room or via distance learning.

It’s also interesting to note that there are a lot of ethical hackers who were black hats originally, some of them have even served time for hacking. These vigilantes have returned to the workforce to use their skills for good, helping companies keep their internet security safe.

strongIs it Ethical?

There is still a lot of debate over ethical hacking and whether it is safe and the right course of action, though larger companies such as IBM have dedicated red teams to work on hacking their security systems to ensure their information is always safe.

While so many argue the point on whether ethical hacking is right or not, it’s easy to see that a black hat hacker can easily get into companies websites through the security system without too much hassle, as we have seen recently to some of the major websites available, so hiring someone to do the work to ensure that no one else can do it is the solution as far as security goes.


Modern Day Political Movements Through Hacking

Is there such a thing as a modern day political movement that can be achieved through hacking and similar IT mediums? If we come to look at some of the latest WikiLeaks scandals or check out some of the latest “achievements” or “works of art” of a great deal of hackers throughout the globe, we cannot offer you an answer that is anything but positive. Unfortunately, political manifests are becoming more and more of a reality of the times we are living in, and this is why we need to keep you informed over the matter. These manifestos that usually involve hacking into the official email addresses of politicians or their most personal data are normally intended to shed the light on some of the injustices that are going on, and despite of the fact that the medium these hackers are using might not exactly be the most applaudable means of action, we cannot but notice their good intentions of presenting some conspiracies to the larger public and maybe prevent illegalities from occurring in the future.

These hackers do not necessarily need to own some Bachelors in Criminal Justice, nor need they to be a part of some online MBA programs accredited in order to feel the urge to shed the light on some of these political issues that are going on in the world. As a matter of fact, as sad as it might sound, just like anti aging skin products are never going to go out of fashion for the ladies, political corruption and corrupt politicians are definitely not going to disappear from the face of the earth anytime soon. This is why we all need to use all the legal mediums we can find and use in order to fight against these folks. Think of this process as a drug detox or think at them as some something similar to using some free e cigarette in order to get rid of your issues regarding smoking – temporary solutions until you can finally get rid of your vice. Some people claim these hackers that are part of these political movements are going to have to be closely controlled using some invisible dog leads that should take the shape of FBI raids, for instance.

There are different strands of this so-called hacktivism and the Electronic Disturbance Theatre is one of the most famous avant garde groups of hackers that like to focus their attention on bringing social justice into the world. Do not expect to find some people who are contemplating the idea of setting up a coach hire or a heating Houston business, but do expect to find some individuals who are well focused and who have strong knowledge in the IT field, as well as some firm folks who do not need to read the fat loss 4 idiots book or folks who do not suffer from coração partido, but rather from disappointments in terms of political figures and political decisions. Their anti-globalization debates and actions directed towards these politicians are probably going to continue during the next few years.

Is Ethical Hacking Really That Ethical?This is such a controversial subject, while many believe that any form of hacking is highly unethical, many businesses rely on ethical hacking to keep their security systems up to date and working correctly.

Ethical hackers are not the kids you see in films with their hoodies up over their heads worming their way into major corporations to steal valuable information to make a profit out of; these are highly educated computer engineers who have executive mba degrees and some with master of accounting.

The reason so many businesses have chosen ethical hackers to check their security systems is that they use the same techniques and knowledge that hackers would use but when they do succeed they don’t steal anything, they report back on their findings enabling businesses to keep their security systems tight and safe at all times.
 hacking on Scribd href=http://www.scribd.com/doc/48402324/ethical-hackingethical  hacking

These hackers work hard to try and break the security of some of the top notch companies in the world, these are banks and institutions that hold onto your personal information and it being leaked can lead to identity theft and other forms of fraud, so in actual fact these hackers are working for you.

It is true that some of the ethical hackers today were caught for illegal hacking years ago, but due to their knowledge and abilities they have been recruited by companies to see how far they can push the security systems. It doesn’t matter what the company does, maybe they sell the atkins diet or they offer air conditioning repair Houston, either one can be hacked at any stage, so their security measures must be in place and up to scratch at all times.

When deciding on whether you believe ethical hacking is ethical or not look at what they do and how they help keep your information safe. Anyone knows that hacking illegally should be taken up with a mesothelioma lawyer, but if its ethical hacking they are working for the company.

Maybe you run a small life insurance blog or you are a criminal justice school, the blogs and sites lead back to your personal information, hiring an ethical hacker to check how safe your systems are can save you a lot of time and money in the long run, making it a completely ethical practice.

Think of it this way:

Hackers which were working illegally and are now hired by companies as ethical hackers are like amor de volta, they are giving the love back into what they do in a positive way
Ethical hackers can be anyone you meet from someone with a master of health administration to the most likely candidate that you would expect to pull off something like this
Ethical hackers are highly intelligent and often well educated, these are people who will excel if they enrolled in masters in nursing programs and the likes of those classes
They work hard to protect your personal information by keeping business websites safe and secure at all times.

Should (or when) you Hire a Computer Security Expert?

Nowadays almost all important files and documents are stored in the computer. And in order to protect the information in those documents you should hire a good computer security system. There are things that are very important to you and to your company that needs protection just like a house that needs a great dane to protect your home and family. You may want to secure your company’s profile, like for example, your company’s financial statements as well as the security of your employees’ information.

There are a lot of scammers out there that will make any possible ways to get into your business just to get money from other people. Are you familiar with Belize Real Estate? They are actually a very reliable real estate company (you can read article here) however, there are still those people using this company to do scams. And this is because of the technology today. Every bit of information is all over the web. And there are a lot of hackers that can get through to your information and have access to your files and finances that can really cause harm to you and to your business.

In these cases, you should really hire a computer security expert. You should hire experts that have at least online MBA with no GMAT requirement. There are a lot of individuals out there that have taken this course because of different cases of scams and fraud. You may spend some penny for this but it will help you a lot in terms of the security of your business and everything in it. There are actually accounting schools that offers lectures and courses on computer security systems since a lot of accountants are the ones responsible to protect financial statements.

Today, everyone should have awareness on these kinds of issues regarding computer security. Even a single individual should protect himself from being used in scams or from being hacked personal information. Personal protection should start with the security of your computer. You can actually acquire security online. You just need to visit URL and from there you can download it with Winrar free download and that’s it. These can protect your computer from viruses and files that my harm your computer. Some of this protection can either have detection if someone within your range is trying to access your pc. You have to choose a security system that has a very good reputation. You can investigate it yourself by reading articles or reviews.

The technology advancement is really amazing but somehow it takes a lot of risk that is why security and protection is very important. It is much better to spend money on your security than to be paranoid about these issues and loose everything.

If you want more information about this article, you can click here.

Anonymous vs. CISPA

Benefits of Ethical Hacking

It is needless to say that the Internet has come a truly long way since its conception in the 1950s, when the development of electronics began. You can now enjoy the connections created between beauty shops selling the best eye cream and get to use the latest version of a dreamweaver templates at the same time.

The diversity of actions that can be performed in parallel, online is truly amazing. We now have the opportunity to keep in touch with our uncles in Germany or our sisters in Australia with a few clicks of a button. Leisure means, productivity tools, cloud technology that stores and shares your important work-related documents, e-commerce, all of these also make for spectacular developments that are now part of the Internet. But, like they say, all good things come to an end, eventually. This extraordinary online diversity and way to handle the smallest tasks online has brought upon all Internet users the serious threat of hackers. These virtual criminals use their skills and scheming to steal important financial data and use it to their best interest. Just think of the mogl scam and you will see the bigger picture.

Ethical hacking refers to the field of e-commerce in general and online stores or email management in particular. This type of hacking can actually help individuals get rid of the sense of permanent threat and fear or anxiousness. How is this accomplished? By using the services of computer security professionals who can break into these systems, or at least try to break in. These folks are trained to carefully identify all of the risks, threats, gaps and vulnerabilities of computer systems and act like genuine hackers who are mal-intended. The difference, of course, consists in the fact that their actions will not under any circumstances jeopardize the integrity of sensitive data.

Ethical hacking therefore has numerous benefits for companies looking to keep their business protected on a constant basis. It makes full use of the specific tools and procedures that real-life hackers are also using during their criminal actions. Hence, such assessments of a green surf shop or of the official Community Resource website, for instance, can aid the management of these virtual locations improve their IT security.

The list of advantages of using a team of experts in the field of ethical hacking does not stop here; one can also use such services and expect to receive a full report on the best recommendations on how to handle the discovered vulnerabilities. Such reports also feature instructions on how to get rid of the newly found threats or security gaps.

Remember, contractor leads companies can keep their client portfolio protected at all times with the help of ethical hacking. So acting fast contracting such professionals is one great idea.

Increase in Cyber Crimes

As with any other things brought about by technology, Internet has its ups and downs. True, the weight of the favour goes to the advantages, or else, Internet will not continue to exist. However, the disadvantages should not be taken for granted. There are a lot of consequences brought about by Internet misuse. Theft of Personal Information, Spamming, Virus Threat, Pornography and Social Disconnect are among the most famous downside of the Internet. Bad people are just lurking around the corner, ready to take advantage of the innocence of others people. Their conduct has evolved and is now known as Cyber Crimes.

Cyber Crime is used to refer to activities which often include the deployment of computer viruses and malicious software. Cyber criminals are like a supreme group of individuals who has power in victimizing others by forging or spoofing emails and websites in which the purpose of creation is to capture personal details of other people. It can also cover cyber bullying, stalking, online harassment, hacking of personal accounts, credit card fraud, and even serious offences like identity theft. Cyber predators are known to create that one site which creates havoc in the online community.

Aside from creating nuisance in the Internet, cyber criminals also go mobile, as their prey go mobile. It even seems that hackers are redirecting their moves to mobile, as well as social networking. Cases like unsolicited SMS messages send messages to random individuals, and some are even pretending to have the message originated from free government cell phones. Bullying, as well as spreading harmful gossip has been known to damage reputation of many people. This is precisely why in some countries, government officials are firm in pushing for the creation of laws against Cyber Crimes.

Cyber Criminals are also attacking Social Networking now. In fact, a recent study from company ratings shows that in every 4 out of 10 people have been victims of cyber criminals in one way or another. This they do through Social media sites. Many have also been reporting of hacked accounts, in both social sites, and their email accounts. If not through cyber criminals, many have fallen into the trap of scammers whose goal is to fool other people into clicking something, which in turn, become an opportunity for the criminals to earn.

With the reasons clearly stated, what can an individual do to avoid becoming a victim of cyber crimes? Not using the Internet at all is not a good idea. Again, there are many benefits of using the Internet. Communication has now greatly improved. Cam chat is now available. Therefore, in order to prevent the toll of cyber crimes from creeping through personal lives, one should take proactive measures to protect their data online. One should be alert in identifying scams, and tricks which are often introduced by lucrative statements. When creating accounts, it would be better to use strong passwords, while making it a habit to update it every now and then. The first step in protection begins with one’s knowledge of the enemy. Therefore, it is advisable to read information on how these cyber criminals work in order to avoid falling to their trap.

Hacking: Are We Secure Online?

How secure are we every time we turn our computers on and start browning the Internet, doing online shopping or visit website pages in order to search for some information? Some people like not to think about this matter, as it only seems to frustrate them and cause more panic than they believe it is required. They avoid headaches and back pain problems by choosing to ignore that issue of hackers and their imminent attacks – until that X day when it is eventually going to happen to them.

The good news is that we no longer need a professional institute to guide our steps towards the right kind of online safety information we are looking for. There are plenty of e-books that clearly explain all the Internet threats we are all submitted to every time we go online – if you happen to come across such a free book, make sure you instantly download it and start reading it. As a side note, web sites and adds that suggest you click on them in order to freely download and get some books, magazines, or other product of some sort (movies, music) are some of the main tricks that hackers use in order to violate your personal data, install Trojans and start messing with your computer and important data.

Think of these hackers’ attacks as a virtual car accident that can have some life-long repercussions on you, especially if the integrity of your credit or debit card has been completely compromised. The main explanation that comes to shed the light on hackers’ ability to penetrate our computers and online accounts is sadly given by the security mistakes that enable their access to office and computer systems.

These security mistakes refer to a great deal of things, and one of them is the fact that online users tend to be much more trusting than they should be. Folks get easily distracted and the major issue here is that hackers usually do not need to wait for a second chance to hack into a system and do their thing when this occurs. Home PC users and large, SEO companies, for instance, no longer seem to care about their security. Purchasing a top antivirus or other similar online protection products is a resource-consuming process, which does not truly generate any money. Hence, it tends to be overlooked by a lot of people.

Using the same password and username no matter if you are accessing a public library or a social media platform and your PayPal account is never a good omen. Hackers solely need the smallest opportunity to easily breach into the system and start using your data. Also, putting one’s trust into public Wi-Fi networks is unadvisable. Using a laptop instead of a mobile phone in order to use a public network is recommended because of the presence of the browser that can send out warnings in case of any potential security violations.

The Psychology of Ethical Hacking

How hacking works

Hacking is a word that everyone who uses a computer system is familiar with, and let’s admit it, there are hundreds of thousands of people who use computers in their normal routines. This makes the word hacking quite a well understood word! A hacker basically finds and exploits weaknesses in a computer. Often, these individuals have high levels of understanding of computer systems and software development. However, hacking is not even remotely a simple task. With several different methods of hacking present and new ones being developed, this is a very broad area of study. This post will discuss briefly the very basics of hacking and how the whole procedure works.


This is perhaps the easiest method of hacking someone’s account and many people don’t even consider it proper ‘hacking’. Hackers feel that this method is far too simple to be considered as proper hacking. This basically works by sending someone a link that manages to get their information including passwords to accounts which allows the hacker to gain access to the other person’s accounts. For instance, if you are trying to find good electronic cigarette reviews and I send you a link that claims to lead you to a website that has these reviews but is originally a link that will give me all your information is an example of phishing.

Password cracking:

This method of hacking basically gets passwords and other data stored within your computer system. It can allow someone else using the same computer system as you to get your data. For instance, if you use a public computer to find jobs on jobuzu and then logout, you believe you have left no loopholes in your account’s security. However, there may be some files temporarily saved in the computer’s memory that have saved your password and details that will allow another individual to access your data.
Trojan horse
This method, as suggested by the name, plants a file in the individual’s computer that a hacker can access later for information including passwords. While trying to online, you may download a directory that contains a Trojan horse.
Key loggers:
You may not even be aware of the fact that while trying to online or while trying to apply for a US Fast Cash loan, every single stroke of your keyboard may be recorded. This is the basic method by which key logging works. Keystrokes are recorder after which it becomes very easy for hackers to decipher your password. Once that is done, your accounts are under the hacker’s control.  This is a simple and very effective hacking tool.

Worms are basically self multiplying files and they affect the computer system’s overall ability to perform tasks by slowing it down etc.

With various advances in the field of computer science, not all forms of hacking are even known. You see, one person or another keeps creating new methods of hacking, previously unknown to the world. As a result of this, hacking remains something that constantly develops and evolves into a highly sophisticated task.

What is DDoS Attack?
Are you experiencing an unusually slow loading of your favorite website?  Where you suddenly denied access to one of your applications hosted on a web server?  Chances are you have just seen one of the symptoms and manifestations of a DDOS attack.  What is a DDOS attack?

DDoS is acronym for Distributed Denial of Service.  DDos attack means that it is a malicious attempt by a person of bad intention to disrupt the normal operations of a machine or network resource resulting to being unavailable to its users.  Thus, the intended users are denied service or access to important or vital resources.

A spiteful hacker often utilizes several computers infected with a Trojan virus to accomplish a DDoS attack and cause several computer resources abruptly stop interacting with the rightful users.  Websites, web applications, e-mail, voicemail, and network resources are the frequent victims of DDoS attacks.  A hacker might and hack Facebook to cause millions of valid users unsuccessfully log in to their accounts.

Without any warning, a DDoS attack can come from large number of remotely-controlled virus-infected computers and overwhelm the target web server with a sudden flood of network traffic.  The victim web server consequently becomes so entangled with its efforts to deal with the attacker’s requests such that it fails to respond to requests from its legitimate users.  From his end, the user may see the web site to seemingly stop responding.

DDoS attack is called distributed because the denial of service attacks come from many source computers surging all at once.  Imagine, in real life, all cars coming from all four roads and speeding up to crash at an intersection all at the same time.  The result is total chaos and destruction.

Although the denial or suspension of service is temporary, the effects last indefinitely and can leave a lot of damage.  Online businesses may lose thousands of dollars, not to mention possibly losing loyal customers, as a result of this unjustifiable attack.

Symptoms and manifestations of DDoS attacks include, but are not limited to unusual slow loading of web sites, web sites suddenly become unavailable, can’t open any web site, all of a sudden you receive plenty of spam emails or e-mail bombs, your wireless internet is strangely disconnected, or you have been denied access to the internet for a long time.

Efforts have been made to counteract DDoS attacks.  Web servers employ a combination of early detection of attacks, classifying traffic, and response tools.  This is done in order to block illegitimate traffic and allow passage of legitimate ones.  Prevention tools include firewalls, switches, routers, application front end hardware, intrusion-prevention systems (IPS) based prevention, DoS (Denial of Service) Defense System (DDS), blackholing and sinkholing, and clean pipes.

Many countries have passed laws outlawing denial-of-service attacks.  The United Kingdom will sentence hackers, if proven guilty, to a maximum of 10 years in prison.  In the United States, denial-of-service attacks are already considered as a federal crime under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

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