How hacking works

Hacking is a word that everyone who uses a computer system is familiar with, and let’s admit it, there are hundreds of thousands of people who use computers in their normal routines. This makes the word hacking quite a well understood word! A hacker basically finds and exploits weaknesses in a computer. Often, these individuals have high levels of understanding of computer systems and software development. However, hacking is not even remotely a simple task. With several different methods of hacking present and new ones being developed, this is a very broad area of study. This post will discuss briefly the very basics of hacking and how the whole procedure works.

This is perhaps the easiest method of hacking someone’s account and many people don’t even consider it proper ‘hacking’. Hackers feel that this method is far too simple to be considered as proper hacking. This basically works by sending someone a link that manages to get their information including passwords to accounts which allows the hacker to gain access to the other person’s accounts. For instance, if you are trying to find good electronic cigarette reviews and I send you a link that claims to lead you to a website that has these reviews but is originally a link that will give me all your information is an example of phishing.
Password cracking:

This method of hacking basically gets passwords and other data stored within your computer system. It can allow someone else using the same computer system as you to get your data. For instance, if you use a public computer to find jobs on jobuzu and then logout, you believe you have left no loopholes in your account’s security. However, there may be some files temporarily saved in the computer’s memory that have saved your password and details that will allow another individual to access your data.
Trojan horse
This method, as suggested by the name, plants a file in the individual’s computer that a hacker can access later for information including passwords. While trying to online, you may download a directory that contains a Trojan horse.
Key loggers:
You may not even be aware of the fact that while trying to online or while trying to apply for a US Fast Cash loan, every single stroke of your keyboard may be recorded. This is the basic method by which key logging works. Keystrokes are recorder after which it becomes very easy for hackers to decipher your password. Once that is done, your accounts are under the hacker’s control. This is a simple and very effective hacking tool.

Worms are basically self multiplying files and they affect the computer system’s overall ability to perform tasks by slowing it down etc.

With various advances in the field of computer science, not all forms of hacking are even known. You see, one person or another keeps creating new methods of hacking, previously unknown to the world. As a result of this, hacking remains something that constantly develops and evolves into a highly sophisticated task.