Is Ethical Hacking Really That Ethical?

This is such a controversial subject, while many believe that any form of hacking is highly unethical, many businesses rely on ethical hacking to keep their security systems up to date and working correctly.

Ethical hackers are not the kids you see in films with their hoodies up over their heads worming their way into major corporations to steal valuable information to make a profit out of; these are highly educated computer engineers who have executive mba degrees and some with master of accounting.

The reason so many businesses have chosen ethical hackers to check their security systems is that they use the same techniques and knowledge that hackers would use but when they do succeed they don’t steal anything, they report back on their findings enabling businesses to keep their security systems tight and safe at all times.

These hackers work hard to try and break the security of some of the top notch companies in the world, these are banks and institutions that hold onto your personal information and it being leaked can lead to identity theft and other forms of fraud, so in actual fact these hackers are working for you.

It is true that some of the ethical hackers today were caught for illegal hacking years ago, but due to their knowledge and abilities they have been recruited by companies to see how far they can push the security systems. It doesn’t matter what the company does, maybe they sell the atkins diet or they offer air conditioning repair Houston, either one can be hacked at any stage, so their security measures must be in place and up to scratch at all times.

When deciding on whether you believe ethical hacking is ethical or not look at what they do and how they help keep your information safe. Anyone knows that hacking illegally should be taken up with a mesothelioma lawyer, but if its ethical hacking they are working for the company.

Maybe you run a small life insurance blog or you are a criminal justice school, the blogs and sites lead back to your personal information, hiring an ethical hacker to check how safe your systems are can save you a lot of time and money in the long run, making it a completely ethical practice.
Think of it this way:

Hackers which were working illegally and are now hired by companies as ethical hackers are like amor de volta, they are giving the love back into what they do in a positive way
Ethical hackers can be anyone you meet from someone with a master of health administration to the most likely candidate that you would expect to pull off something like this
Ethical hackers are highly intelligent and often well educated, these are people who will excel if they enrolled in masters in nursing programs and the likes of those classes
They work hard to protect your personal information by keeping business websites safe and secure at all times.