Modern Day Political Movements Through Hacking

Is there such a thing as a modern day political movement that can be achieved through hacking and similar IT mediums? If we come to look at some of the latest WikiLeaks scandals or check out some of the latest “achievements” or “works of art” of a great deal of hackers throughout the globe, we cannot offer you an answer that is anything but positive. Unfortunately, political manifests are becoming more and more of a reality of the times we are living in, and this is why we need to keep you informed over the matter. These manifestos that usually involve hacking into the official email addresses of politicians or their most personal data are normally intended to shed the light on some of the injustices that are going on, and despite of the fact that the medium these hackers are using might not exactly be the most applaudable means of action, we cannot but notice their good intentions of presenting some conspiracies to the larger public and maybe prevent illegalities from occurring in the future.

These hackers do not necessarily need to own some Bachelors in Criminal Justice, nor need they to be a part of some online MBA programs accredited in order to feel the urge to shed the light on some of these political issues that are going on in the world. As a matter of fact, as sad as it might sound, just like anti aging skin products are never going to go out of fashion for the ladies, political corruption and corrupt politicians are definitely not going to disappear from the face of the earth anytime soon. This is why we all need to use all the legal mediums we can find and use in order to fight against these folks. Think of this process as a drug detox or think at them as some something similar to using some free e cigarette in order to get rid of your issues regarding smoking – temporary solutions until you can finally get rid of your vice. Some people claim these hackers that are part of these political movements are going to have to be closely controlled using some invisible dog leads that should take the shape of FBI raids, for instance.

There are different strands of this so-called hacktivism and the Electronic Disturbance Theatre is one of the most famous avant garde groups of hackers that like to focus their attention on bringing social justice into the world. Do not expect to find some people who are contemplating the idea of setting up a coach hire or a heating Houston business, but do expect to find some individuals who are well focused and who have strong knowledge in the IT field, as well as some firm folks who do not need to read the fat loss 4 idiots book or folks who do not suffer from coração partido, but rather from disappointments in terms of political figures and political decisions. Their anti-globalization debates and actions directed towards these politicians are probably going to continue during the next few years.