Wargames v 3.0 – Anonymous vs. The FBI – How Wars Have Changed to Digital Frontiers

Time goes by and our society evolves at a fast pace. Wars, unfortunately, do not seem to be left behind and living in a world that is violence-free seems to be one desiderate that is far of our reach in the near future. Wars have taken the path of the online environment and the wargames v 3.0 that can be witnessed when it comes to Anonymous versus the FBI virtual battles are one fine example. If you are willing to learn more on this topic, you can read more on specialized web sites or learn more by clicking here.

In January 2012, the Federal Bureau of Investigation in collaboration with New Zealand police managed to arrest the leaders of a highly popular file sharing service called MegaUpload. They also managed to take down the site from the internet, due to copyright infringement accusations. Soon after the official announcement was made, all Twitter accounts that were connected with the Anonymous organization of online hackers made an announcement on #OpMegaUpload. You can go ahead and visit website sources that are connected to the FBI and learn more about the actions of the Anonymous organization. Getting back to the announcement they made, we can tell you that they announced massive retaliation against the government and also entertainment specific web sites. Soon afterwards, their computers had brought down the homepages of the Motion Picture Association of America, Universal Music, the Recording Industry Association of America, the US Copyright Service, the US Department of Justice, and even the official FBI web site. The main Twitter account of the Anonymous stated that was the “largest attack ever by Anonymous” and no less than 5,500 people were involved. It is easy to figure out that these folks know their way around computers and that searching for Taylor guitars, looking to buy quality Kratom powder or learning how to lose weight fast
Taylor guitars should not pose any problems to these fellows.

Chat rooms that that are being hosted on Internet Relay Chat room are the main hot spots that the Anonymous is using to organize their attacks. They can therefore hide their true identities and stay in the shadows while planning their future attacks against the FBI and similar powerful crime fighting organizations. Identifying new targets and establishing new methods to act are the main topics that are up for discussion there. Further arrests have been completed by the FBI and dozens of Anonymous members have been captured because of their DDoS attacks on the PayPal web site.

Several other additional complex dosing methods have been later on developed – featuring channeling LOIC through a TOR or the use of a Virtual Private Network. The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s actions against the Anonymous organization therefore need to prevent and stop all upcoming attacks as the Internet seems to be gaining more and more ground in the lives of millions of people all around the globe.