What is Ethical Hacking?

What is Ethical Hacking?

Hacking has some a bad stigma attached to it. The minute you mention the word hacker, people think of people sitting at home on their computers attacking company’s security systems and stealing information.

This name has been widely used since technology has taken off with such a boom, if you think about it almost every single home has a computer and internet connection. This means that we are increasing the way the world is run, we buy everything online from appliances to groceries and every time we do this, we trust a company with our precious credit card information.

These companies rely on their internet security systems and firewalls to protect them against hackers getting in and stealing all your information. This is where ethical hacking comes into play.

Ethical hackers are computer experts, they have normally completed a computer programming certification and these experts are hired by companies to attack their systems. Instead of stealing the information as the hackers would do, these ethical hackers will report any security issues to the company, so they can be rectified quickly.

Ethical hacking is also known as penetration testing, red teaming and intrusion testing. The name red teaming came when hackers were first used by the US Government to hack the computers; these ethical hackers were called red teams.

Since then the need for ethical hackers has increased, as more and more people rely on the internet to make purchases and pay bills, leaving companies holding onto a lot of delicate information.

Ethical hackers use the same methods hackers would use to attack security systems, the difference is that the ethical hackers, or white hats and trusted by the company and hired for the job, while hackers or black hats are there to cause harm.
Getting an Ethical Hacker Degree

While there are a majority of ethical hackers who only have computer programming degrees there is a certification that you can get which is offered by many US training centers? The course normally contains nineteen modules and can be done in the class room or via distance learning.

It’s also interesting to note that there are a lot of ethical hackers who were black hats originally, some of them have even served time for hacking. These vigilantes have returned to the workforce to use their skills for good, helping companies keep their internet security safe.
strongIs it Ethical?

There is still a lot of debate over ethical hacking and whether it is safe and the right course of action, though larger companies such as IBM have dedicated red teams to work on hacking their security systems to ensure their information is always safe.

While so many argue the point on whether ethical hacking is right or not, it’s easy to see that a black hat hacker can easily get into companies websites through the security system without too much hassle, as we have seen recently to some of the major websites available, so hiring someone to do the work to ensure that no one else can do it is the solution as far as security goes.